Why are Young Living Oils so highly acclaimed, as opposed to other brands?

Good question! I’m so glad you asked!

Young Living has set the time-tested, industry standard in 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. And it sets the standard HIGH.

How does it do that?

For starters, Young Living is second to none with regards to quality control. As an industry seed-to-sealleader for over 20 years, Young Living owns its own farms and distilleries around the world, which means every step of the process is perfectly measured and controlled. No other company can make such a claim. By applying rigorous controls from seed germination through final product, the Young Living patented Seed to Seal program guarantees their oils’ purity and authenticity.

Young Living does not use herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals on its farms. All pests are controlled with essential oils, all weeds are removed by with loving care by hoeing and hand pulling. If you don’t believe me, you can go visit any Young Living Farm and participate in a plant harvest! Choose from Utah, Idaho, Oman, Israel, Canada, Croatia, Ecuador. I personally want to go visit the farm in France. Ooooh la la!

As if that’s not enough, Young Living also meticulously tests each oil batch, both in-house and through third party labs.56538a_659debed579f412289cccb3261c074de

Their customer service is excellent.

Their products are the highest quality on the market.

They offer ongoing support and oils education in their community.

The most important thing to remember is this: THERE ARE CURRENTLY NO LABELING STANDARDS FOR ESSENTIAL OILS. So what does this mean for you, the consumer? Basically, unless you are buying Young Living 100% therapeutic grade oils, you don’t know what you are getting. Period. Most of the oils on the shelves today are marketed as 100% Natural, 100% Pure, All natural, etc. So how can you really know the difference? Well, scientific laboratories can tell you. But assuming you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars in lab fees to screen a $20 bottle, how else can you tell? Smell is one way. Authentic essential oils should smell rich, but delicate, earthy, but subtle. Unless you have a nose like a hound dog, I wouldn’t take the risk.  In this world saturated with synthetic flavors and scents, how accurately can your sniffer detect real from fake?

** One incredibly good indicator of an impure oil is its $$$ pricetag. If you stumble upon a gift shop selling “100% pure rose oil” and “100% pure lavender” for $20 each, your hair should stand on end. Because it takes hundreds of pounds of rose petals to create one tiny ounce of oil! Thats why pure rose oil costs so much! And that’s why I still have never used pure rose. On the other hand, Lavender is less expensive, but my warning is the same. An impure or adulterated form of Lavender, when used on a burn will intensify the burn, while 100% pure Lavandula angustifolia will soothe the pain and boost the healing process. Again, it’s not worth the risk.

With Young Living Oils, you know exactly what you are getting. 100% quality. Guaranteed.

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