Which oils should I use?

So long as you are using Young Living 100% pure therapeutic grade oils, the real question is, which oil shouldn’t you use?

But seriously, with essential oils, there is no one size fits all. Just as every plant has a distinguishing design, from the leaves, to the petals, to the seeds, so do their oils have their own unique signature. While one oil may act as a blood thinner, another may act as a clotting agent. So it’s important to be familiar with your oils and their properties before you use them. The Young Living Premium starter kit is a fabulous (and affordable) way to start your oily journey. It offers a wide selection of very useful oils.

PSK oil uses Wellness


Product shots fro new catalog at YL farm in MonaLavender, for example, is amazing in treating the skin- from beauty treatments to treating cuts, scrapes, and bruises… a little drop of Lavender will soothe the skin and help support healing.images-25

Pan Away is a blend of oils specially formulated to give bone and muscle support. Rub one drop of PanAway on a desired area and it will not only feel incredibly soothing, but helps the support the body in post-workout recovery and comfort.

JoyThis oil blend, aptly named Joy, is quite literally JOY in bottled form! Its exotic and intoxicating aroma simply carries you to cloud nine. Not only is its aroma euphoric, but the oil blend is comprised of plants whose essence (chamomile, ylang ylang  and mandarin for example) are known to relieve tension and promote relaxation.

Thieves bottleThieves is a powerful blend of oils with potent properties found to significantly aid the body’s immune system. Comprised of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus and Rosemary, this blend is a must-have for seasonal sniffles and immune support. It’s safe to inhale, ingest and apply topically (with dilution). Even better, Thieves tastes great and smells amazing!

TheivesIn fact, the Thieves blend is so effective (and so delightful,) that an entire line of products, including hand soap, toothpaste, and household cleaners has been created to harness the incredible power and flexibility of these miraculous oils.

The only way to learn about oils, is to use oils! There’s a whole miraculous, sensational- smelling, oily world out there, so what are you waiting for?

Get started with Young Living oils today!


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