Now that you’ve made such an awesome investment in your health, how do you care for all those precious bottles of bliss? The first rule is Keep them out of the light!

oils apothecaryOld-time apothecaries and pharmacies traditionally used amber jars, but today you can find beautiful dark shades of blue, green and violet, which offer the same protection.

First point, no matter what the colour of bottle is, you should never leave your oils color bottlesoils in a place where the sun will shine directly on them – like on a window shelf in the bathroom, for example. Over time, the sun’s energy will oxidize the bottle’s contents, changing their chemical composition and causing their therapeutic qualities to deteriorate.

Second point, keep your oils away from heat!

oil storage boxoil storage purseA quick Google search will show you zillions of creative oil storage ideas. Everything from hand- carved wooden boxes, to custom lazy- susans, to hand-stitched carrier pouches for your purse (too cute!)

But if you leave your fancy oils box or custom-tailored purse pouch on the radiator,  the heat will deteriorate their quality in the same way as the sun. Don’t do it!

The best place to store your oils is in a closed container, cabinet or drawer, in a cool location

Like this oil storage drawer or like this oils storage cabinet white or like thisoil storage YL big case


Another helpful tip. Label the caps! You can use a Sharpie, or devise your own labeling system. I happen to be a very visual and color-sensitive person, so I love the Young Living pre-printed bottle labels. I oil storage labelsoil storage labels 2know that PanAway is blue, Frankincense is red, DragonTyme is green, and Lavender is…well, lavender. So I can just reach for the “color” I need rather than pulling out the individual bottles  to read their labels


I also prefer to keep my bottles in open- top bins for easy access.
I saw this on a blog and I loved the idea. These “bento” boxes are small and easy to slide in and oils fabric binout of any cabinet. They are open on top for quick viewing, and have handles, so I can easily carry them around the house, when needed. The bottles remain upright, which helps eliminate spills. Furthermore, I’m not pulling out my ENTIRE oil collection every time I want to grab something. I can keep my aromatic blends tin one bin, my “must-have” medicine oils together, my facial and bathroom oils, etc. I love it! You can order this fabulous little bin here (size small)

Bottom line:

  • Keep caps tightly closed when not in use.
  • Do not store in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid exposure to high heat
  • Store at normal room temperature or cooler
  • Take a periodic  inventory of your oils. Rotate and use what is getting older.
  • Use your oils! It isn’t the one who dies with the most oils that wins, it’s the one who uses the most oils that lives :)

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