Hands down, the best way to experience Young Living oils is to establish your own Wholesale Membership Account.

WAIT! Don’t be afraid! It’s really very simple!

When you click on this link, you will be asked to generate a wholesale (distributor) account, where you can order your Essential Oils Starter Kit at a fraction of the retail price.

  • There are NO introductory fees.
  • NO mandatory purchase requirements
  • NO obligations to sell- in fact, 90% of Young Living Members don’t run it as a business, but keep their membership for personal use only
  • NO requirement to share Young Living with others
  • NO inventory to carry
  • NO automatic monthly shipment (unless you intentionally sign up for Essential Rewards– an awesome program, but more on that later!)
  • NO, You are not asked to teach any classes, host any parties or do anything but enjoy your own, personal oils
  • Oh, and you get a 24% savings off retail prices

I know what you’re thinking. What’s the catch?

Honestly and sincerely, there isn’t one.  If you don’t use your account (minimum $50 order per year,) your account will deactivate. To reactivate, simply make a $50 oils purchase, and you’re back in the system again. It’s THAT EASY.

That’s how great Young Living is. Their product is so wonderful and amazing, they KNOW that you will keep coming back for more. They know you will love your oils so much, you will share them with friends. Or rather, your friends will come asking YOU! Young Living is so confident in their product and the lifestyle it leads to, that they don’t need any gimmicks. Its 100% Pure Awesome.images-14

So sign up for your Young Living Wholesale Membership today!

And yes, with a wholesale account, when (if) the time comes, you can enroll family and  friends into their own wholesale account, so they can enjoy an oily lifestyle, too! Whether or not you share Young Living with others is up to you, but we know that once you start your oily journey, you can’t help but share the love!

Also, with a wholesale account, you have the option to earn lots of free product and points (called PVs) towards future purchases when you sign up for the Essentials Rewards Program. This is an optional but INCREDIBLE loyalty program that generously gives back to its members! I have personally gotten $thousands of dollars worth of free products and points over the past few years as an Essential Rewards Member. I would recommend every single person I know to enroll in this program right away. The minimum purchase price is $50/ 50 PV per month.

psk 2019

psk savings 2019

To learn more details about Young Living’s incredible Premium Starter Kits, click here.

There are several Starter Kits to choose from, but let’s face it. You will want a diffuser and a wide variety of oils to experience. With a Wholesale Membership, the Premium Starter Kit is THE BEST bang for your buck. Don’t miss it!

Get started with Young Living oils today!

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