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Grounding- Young Living


This blend of seven essential oils was specifically formulated to ground and balance our emotions. A high frequency oil, 140MHz is a spiritual oil that opens our hearts and minds to a higher state of being, so we don’t lose sight of what truly matters- hence we stay grounded and rooted in what is true.


This oil will stabilize and calm a person or animal on first application. This is a good oil for those who make poor choices in relationships, work or home because they simply are in denial of their own true reality. We can be easily excited about new ideas or want to escape into our own fantasy world. Or we imagine things about our circumstances that aren’t even true. When this happens, we allow our emotions to control us rather than making wise choices that will lead to desirable results. This blend helps calm the emotions, get us thinking clearly and deal with reality so we don’t get stuck and can’t move forward.

Removing an excess electrical charge from an object is called grounding.  Removing an excess emotional charge can also be a form of grounding.

Tree and root oils are wonderful to help you get reconnected.  If you picture the root system of a tree as an extension of your feet you’ll get a visual feel for what it means to be grounded as that root system anchors you to the earth.  Picture emotional energy/electricity coming from the earth up one leg and exiting out the other.  For me, being grounded does not mean “control”.  Instead, being grounded is letting things take its natural course.


  • WHITE FIR– stimulates the mind while simultaneously allowing the body to relax, creating a feeling of grounding, anchoring and empowerment
  • SPRUCE– grounds the body, creating balance and the opening necessary to receive and give. Receives powerful energy exchange from growing under the Northern Lights
  • YLANG YLANG– helps balance male/ female energies so one can focus the mind and achieve better spiritual attunement. Helps restore feeling of self- love, confidence and peace
  • PINE– amazing for respiratory support, Pine helps improve circulation and soothes mental stress, relieves anxiety and revitalizes the entire body
  • exceptionally high in sesquiterpenes, this oils oxygenate the brain and enhances spiritual awareness, communication with the Creator
  • ANGELICA – helps one release and let go of negative feelings
  • JUNIPER– evokes feelings of health, love and peace. It also helps to elevate one’s spiritual awareness


  • Dilute and apply it directly behind the ears and on the wrists, nape, and temples to help you feel grounded and ready to face everyday decisions.
  • Apply it topically in the morning to help start your day with a healthy perspective.
  • Inhale it directly or add 2–4 drops to your bath for a warm, comforting aroma.
  • Use the calming, balancing aroma while practicing yoga, meditating, or deep breathing
  • Wear as a perfume or cologne
  • Diffuse while journaling to gather your thoughts and reel in your emotions during times of stress.
  • Inhale or diffuse When there are too many thoughts in your head and you have a hard time focusing.
  • Diffuse/ Inhale when work, family, relationships can be the cause of distractions that leave you feeling unbalanced and you want to get back in focus
  • Everyone handles personal loss a bit differently.  Grounding can help you find an outlet for that grief.
  • Diffuse/ Inhale when you feel in a rut and lack the motivation to move forward
  • Diffuse/ Inhale when you feel overwhelmed by your endless to-do list and feel like you can’t possibly get it all done
  • Diffuse/ Inhale when you feel frozen by indecision and feel stressed about making the right decision. Grounding will help you be at peace with the decision that I make.
  • Diffuse/ Inhale to remember what is really important in life
  • Diffuse/ Inhale before or at family gatherings when tension can run high
  • Diffuse/ Inhale when you feel torn or pulled in multiple directions at once
  • Diffuse/ Inhale when you feel like your control is slipping- this helps you remember that control is merely an illusion anyways, and if gives a sense of peace in the chaos








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PINE essential oil Young Living

Pine- Young Living


One of the reasons that pine oil has become such an important element in supplemental health is its availability. Pine trees grow in huge numbers all over the world- did you know that approximately 30 percent of the 35 million harvested Christmas trees annually are Scotch Pine? Young Living’s Pine oil is distilled from the needles of this tree.

Traditionally, pine was used to help support the respiratory system, Some cultures, Pine branches were placed on coffins to signify immortality and Native Americans placed pine needles in their mattresses to keep away fleas and lice. Pine was used to treat various serious ailments, particularly those dealing with the lungs.


Pine essential oil has a mesmerizing essence that gives a sweet aroma to any product you add it to- it creates an energized feeling and is effective for removing mental stress and is often added to baths and saunas to address mental and emotional fatigue. It is known to increases metabolism and boosts your activity levels.

Pine oil is also soothing to muscles following exercise. It has been connected with aiding eye health due to it’s free-radical absorption activity. Pine also shares many of the properties of Eucalyptus globulus, which is why it is found in RC (also contains three varieties of eucalyptus) – it helps support and maintain a healthy respiratory system, emotional balance, skin balance, healthy nervous system, blood pressure, and circulatory system.


  • Add a few drops to a warm bath for a soothing muscle soak
  • Add pine to a  massage oil  for soothing muscle relief
  • Add a few drops to shampoo or directly to the scalp for scalp support
  • Apply topically on location for a healthy inflammatory response
  • Apply topically on location for joint support
  • Diffuse to relieve stress and elevate your mood
  • Inhale directly to relieve anxiety and lighten the mind
  • Make a room spritzer to deodorize a room
  • Add pine to your first aid kit for topical application
  • massage a few drops with carrier oil over the chest and lungs for support
  • place a few drops on a cotton ball and use in your car vent as a natural diffuser to help you stay alert while driving
  • Diffuse at the office to stimulate the mind and increase productivity
  • rob a drop or two over the throat for support
  • Apply on location to skin for healthy microbial environment and for skin support
  • Add pine to your water before mopping
  • Add a few drops of pine to your carpet deodorizer
  • Add a few drops to a spray bottle with a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol- fills with water and spray down the dog or dog bed to chase away unwanted pests











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Young Living Farms Around the World

As the world leader in essential oils and a renowned essential oil distiller, we’re constantly improving our farms and global partnerships while staying committed to our Seed to Seal promise. With locations on six continents and more than 30 countries, Young Living’s global presence is undisputed. With our global growth, our commitment to creating pure, potent essential oils and products through environmentally conscious methods also continues to grow.

St Maries Lavender Farm
Oils from this farm: Lavender, Melissa and Idaho Tansy

This is where everything started!  In 1993, Gary Young brought lavender seeds from France and began growing them here. 

Whispering Springs
Oils produced at this farm: Lavender, Hyssop, Clary Sage, Peppermint, Goldenrod, Balsam Fir, Melissa, Roman Chamomile, Juniper and Blue Yarrow

Located in Monah, Utah, just a few miles outside Young Living Headquarters, the Mona Lavender farm is over 1600 acres and boast one of the largest privately owned, state-of-the-art distilleries in the world. 

Skyrider Wilderness
Products from this farm: Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Flour | Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Pancake and Waffle Mix | Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Rotini Pasta | Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Spaghetti | Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Granola

Although this ranch is one of our newest locations, many Young Living global leaders have attended retreats and events hosted at the beautiful Skyrider Wilderness Ranch. Nestled in the hills of Tabiona, Utah, and home to stunning vistas and wildlife, this farm is close to Gary Young’s heart. It’s a location where our unique einkorn grain can grow, as well as a place where Gary can perform research on distillation methods and new botanicals.

Highland Flast
Oils from this farm: Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil | Balsam Fir essential oil | Pine essential oil | Idaho Ponderosa Pine essential oil | Western Red Cedar essential oil

Located in scenic Naples, Idaho, the Highland Flats Tree Farm is home to some of the beautiful evergreen trees that help Young Living produce essential oils inspired by the great outdoors. This location is not only a blue spruce farm but is also home to one of the world’s largest essential oil distilleries. It’s the location of Young Living’s annual Winter Harvest and Spring Planting projects, which allow members to participate in the Seed to Seal process firsthand.

Northern Lights Farm
Oils from this farm: Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil | Ledum essential oil | Yarrow essential oil

In 2014—after extensive scouting and research to find the best possible location—Young Living purchased land in British Columbia, Canada, for the Northern Lights Farm. The pristine land remains free of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers, thanks to its relatively untouched nature prior to Young Living’s ownership.

Farm Fact: This farm is already a main source of Black Spruce essential oil, an important oil in many popular blends, including Valor II™, Shutran™, Harmony™, Awaken™, and Envision™.

Kona Farm
Oils from this farm: Royal Hawaiian™ Sandalwood essential oil

Young Living’s partnership with the Kona Sandalwood Reforestation Project is a great example of how Young Living and our partnerships strive to preserve cultural values. At this location, only dead or dying sandalwood is harvested to maintain the ecological balance on the island and to follow the deeply rooted Hawaiian belief in humans’ respectful relationship with the land.

Finca Botanica Farm
Oils and products from this farm: Ylang Ylang essential oil | Palo Santo essential oil | Mastrante essential oil | Lemongrass essential oil | Eucalyptus Blue essential oil | Dorado Azul™ essential oil | Ocotea essential oil | Plectranthus Oregano essential oil | Rosa Muerta essential oil | Chocolate

Building this farm and its state-of-the-art distillery started as one of Gary Young’s passion projects. Today, Guayaquil’s tropical climate helps nurture Young Living’s 2,000 acres of rich soil, year-round harvests, and lush botanical life.

Simaine La Rotonde Farm
Oils and products from this farm: Lavender essential oil | Clary Sage essential oil | Rosemary essential oil | Lavandin essential oil | Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Flour | Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Pancake and Waffle Mix | Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Rotini Pasta | Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Spaghetti | Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Granola

Young Living’s Simiane-la-Rotonde Lavender Farm is located in charming Provence, a region of France renowned for its beauty, fragrant lavender fields, and summer-long festivals. Because of its history and breathtaking views, this farm has become a popular destination for essential oil lovers, artists, and visitors looking to breathe in the captivating spirit of the special location.

Dalmatia Farm
Oils from this farm: Helichrysum essential oil | Sage essential oil | Juniper essential oil | Bay Laurel essential oil

Dalmatia’s striking and historic landscape reflects its deep cultural roots and makes an ideal home for the botanical helichrysum. That’s why this farm was founded with the intention of becoming a sustainable source for the popular Helichrysum oil, but the location has since continued to grow and cultivate even more botanicals.

Farm Fact: Rocks were transplanted to the helichrysum plantation to replicate the natural growing conditions of the previously wild-crafted plant.

Balkan Farm
Oils from this farm: Roman Chamomile essential oil | Valerian essential oil | Rose essential oil

Located in Bulgaria, one of the most valued rose-growing regions in the world, the Balkan Botanical Farm specializes in roses, and has expanded its essential oil farm offerings to include Roman chamomile and valerian as part of its partnership with Young Living. The Balkan Botanical Farm builds upon the deep history and worldwide recognition of botanical farming in the region.

Farm Fact: The Balkan Botanical farm is also involved in promoting local cultural events, regional festivals, and educational opportunities for workers and their families.

Outback Farm
Oils from this farm: Blue Cypress essential oil

Australia’s Northern Territory outback sets the stunning backdrop for this location’s plantations of Australian cypress pine trees. Drawing on ethnobotanical use in the aboriginal pharmacopeia, the founder of the Outback Botanical Reserve actually stumbled upon a new, now patented method of distillation that resulted in Blue Cypress essential oil. This oil’s many benefits are still being researched to this day

Quintis Farm
Oils from this farm: Sacred Sandalwood™ essential oil

While this farm is headquartered in Perth, the sandalwood plantations extend across Australia’s tropical northern outback. This location utilizes a remarkable approach to protecting precious sandalwood trees from India’s growing black market by bringing seeds from India to be cultivated on this farm. Once safely planted in their new home, these trees are cultivated with the industry’s highest standards of quality, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.

Arabian Frank Farm
Oils from this farm: Sacred Frankincense™ essential oil

The limestone cliffs of Oman’s Dhofar Mountains provide the perfect environment for the frankincense tree to grow, and Young Living is the first and only company in the world to obtain permission to distill and export Omani Sacred Frankincense oil and bring it into the Western world. The Boswellia sacra trees in this region carry a rich history, having been harvested for the past 5,000 years. Today, their resin is harvested by the same method and on the same schedule as their ancestors, so they continue this centuries-old story.

Maydi Frank farm
Oils from this farm: Frankincense essential oil

This region has long revered frankincense for its luxurious fragrance and properties. The esteemed benefits of the frankincense tree are now available to homes around the world, and Young Living’s longstanding partnership has played an integral role in the process of making Frankincense oil more accessible.

Taiwan Farm
Oils from this farm: Jade Lemon essential oil | Hong Kuai essential oil | Xiang Mao essential oil | Camphor Wood essential oil

This cooperative farm is actually made up of smaller individual farm operations that each focus on different oils. Like each unique operation, each oil has its own story and background that include its preservation, generational history and family significance, and the ingenuity and innovation necessary to create it.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 9.50.46 PM
Young Living has farms and partner farms all over the globe, and is continually growing new relationships with sustainable, organic farmers around the world!

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