German Chamomile & Vitality


German Chamomile & Chamomile Vitality


Considered to be one of the most ancient and versatile medicinal herbs known to man, chamomile has innumerable health benefits. Native to Europe, this member of the daisy family has a long history of use from crying children to digestive tonics. Chamomile has been one of the “catch all” remedies for just about every ailment known to man- it is an extremely versatile little flower!

There are two common types of chamomile used medicinally today: German chamomile and Roman chamomile


Packed full of vital antioxidants, Chamomile is a powerful healing factory. An effective alternative medicine with almost no known negative side effects, chamomile has been used for over 5,000 years in  teas, herbal extracts and cosmetics because it promotes tranquility, vitality, a youthful appearance and longevity.

Antioxidants in  German Chamomile help maintain a healthy inflammatory level in the body by offsetting free radical damage (oxidative stress) and preventing cell mutation. This can lead to better immune function, improved emotional balance, increased comfort in organs, muscles and joints (throughout the body) and healthier skin, hair, nails, teeth and eyes. Emotionally, Chamomile is one the best medicinal herbs for fighting stress and promoting relaxation. It behaves as a mild sedative, calming the nerves as its aromatic molecules travel directly to the olfactory part of the brain, turning off tension and reducing the body’s stress response. Our emotions and hormonal balance are in response to our sense of smell, so German Chamomile can help balance the endocrine system as well.

Chamomile has been well known since the beginning of time to aid digestion, whether promoting healthy gas levels and heathy stools, to encouraging comfort and stabilizing the nervous/ digestive  link. Applied topically or ingested, Chamomile serves to promote ease and comfort and healthy inflammatory response wherever there is a need in the body. From the back, to joints, to teeth and gums, it is a very soothing oil. And it world for smoothing the skin, too- it’s a beloved oil for beauty.

Applied over the chest or deep inhaled, it supports healthy respiratory function and nourishes the cardiovascular system.  There is virtually no system of the body that Chamomile doesn’t offer aid and comfort when needed.

  • Respiratory
  • Skin/Beauty
  • Musculoskeletal/ joints
  • Digestive System
  • Nervous System
  • Emotions
  • Brain/ Mind
  • Endocrine system
  • Antioxidant

🌸 IDEAS FOR USE – TOPICAL AROMATIC  (non-Vitality™)  🌸

  • Apply on location to upper or lower back for support
  • Apply over muscles for soothing comfort
  • Apply over abdomen for menstrual comfort
  • Apply over stomach/ intestines for healthy gas levels
  • Apply over stomach/ intestines for healthy stool consistency
  • Apply over stomach/ intestines for digestive aid and comfort
  • Deep Inhale for emotional support/ relaxation/ calmness of mind
  • Inhale or diffuse at bedtime
  • Rub over chest with carrier oil for respiratory aid
  • Apply topically over the gallbladder, liver, kidneys, pancreas for detox support
  • Add a few drops to your face cream to smooth skin
  • apply topically to the gums for comfort
  • apply topically to the skin to encourage healing
  • Add a few drops to a petrolatum-free lotion to smooth dry skin
  • Apply topically to cuts, scrapes, or other open skin to encourage healing
  • Diffuse or inhale to clear the mind
  • Diffuse or inhale for a peaceful, calming atmosphere

🌸 INTERNAL – (with Vitality™ only)  🌸

  • Add a few drops to a veggie capsule and take internally
  • Use as a dietary supplement
  • Make Chamomile tea
  • Add a drop or two to your regular tea


  • Sesquiterpenes: Chamazulene
  • 1,8 cineol
  • Sesquiterpene alcohols
  • Monoterpenes


  • Cool Azul
  • EndoFlex
  • Surrender
  • K&B Tincture
  • ComforTone (digestive aid)
  • JuvaTone
  • OmegaGize (fish oil supplement)



Fun Facts: Science has shown that people suffering from stress tend to have weaker immune systems. Stress Away brings aromas from around the world to create an on-the-go getaway just for you. It includes botanicals with influence that spans the globe, including Copaiba, which has been used since the 16th century in Brazil; Lavender, a staple in the Provence region of France, Ocotea from Ecuador, and Cedarwood, which can be found in Morocco and the United States. Gary D. Young added Lime and Vanilla to boost the pleasurable aroma


What’s In it:

Lime- 80% monoterpenes, promotes clarity of thought and combats anxiety with it’s stimulating and refreshing aroma

Vanilla (absolute)- uplifting, pleasing aroma

Copaiba- used since the 16th century in Brazil for beneficial topical applications. Contains the constituent beta-caryophyllene- used fro muscle soothing

Lavender- oil of relaxation

Cedarwood- contains the constituent cordial 

Ocotea- high in sesquiterpenes, promotes emotional balance


What Does it Do:

Has a balancing emotional effects

Promotes relaxation, physical, mental and emotional

Has an inviting aroma that calms the mind when faced with life challenges


Ideas for Use:


• Apply it topically to the base of your neck, shoulders, and temples before bedtime.

• Apply it topically or diffuse it to enjoy a calming and peaceful aroma.

• Diffuse it at work for an uplifting, fresh, and soothing aroma.

• Apply a few drops on your neck or temples before a busy day.

• Add 10 drops to 2 cups of Epsom salt and add it to a warm bath.

• Use it on your wrists, neck, or diffuser jewelry as a natural alternative to perfume.

• Apply it to your neck and shoulders before yoga to create a centering aromatic experience during practice.


Blends With:

2 drops Stress Away + 2 drops Frankincense + 2 drops  Lavender- breathe deep and repeat positive affirmations

2 drops Stress Away + 2 drops Orange – delicious Orange Creamsicle scent


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Lavender & Lavender Vitality – Young Living


Commonly referred to as the “Swiss Army Knife” of oils, Lavender is one of the most well-known and well-loved essential oil. There are many different species of Lavender, but Young Living distills our Lavender from the tops of Lavendula Angustifolia, a perennial herb which is known as True Lavender. It hails from the mint family!


• Promotes feelings of calm and fights occasional nervous tension

• May support a worry-free outlook

• Diffuse to relax as part of your bedtime routine

• Has relaxing and calming properties

• Add to your favorite lotion or hair care products revitalize

• The balancing properties may help calm the body and clear and clarify the mind 

• Cleanses and soothes minor skin irritations

• Can be soothing to the skin after a day in the sun

• Reduces the appearance of blemishes

• Cleansing properties for the skin and hair

• Enhances the appearance of a youthful complexion

• Supports aging skin

• Supports cardiovascular, immunity, respiratory, and nervous system. 

💜 IDEAS FOR USE – INTERNAL (with Vitality™ only) 💜 

Add 1-2 drops to a capsule for daily support. 

Flavor your favorite dessert, ice cream or cocktail!

💜 TOPICAL AND AROMATIC (with non Vitality™) 💜 

Diffuse during the day for better focus. 

Diffuse at night for a more restful night’s sleep.

Add a few drops to your daily face cream, shampoo or conditioner. 

Add several drops to water in a spray bottle to mist over a pillow or freshen a room.

Add 5-7 drops into Epsom salt for a relaxing soak in the tub

Apply topically on location to promote healing and encourage healthy skin


Mix even parts Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint for seasonal sinus support & apply behind the ears or diffuse

3 drops Lavender +_ 1 Drop Copaiba to ease tension

2 drops Lavender + 2 drops Frankincense to create atmosphere of quiet reflection- great for prayer time

2 drops Lavender + 2 drops Stress Away for soothing nerves and relaxing (you can add an equal part of Frankincense, too!)

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