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Peace & Calming- Young Living


The oils in this blend have historically to help reduce depression, anxiety, stress, and tension.  The blend of these oils are perfect for calming the nerves at the end of a long day or in times of stress.


By helping the body relax, more blood is able to circulate into the brain, allowing goals and dreams to be clearly visualized. With a frequency of 105MHz, Peace & Calming is a deliciously earthy  emotional oil.  Supports:

  • Nervous System
  • Emotional Balance
  • Skin


TANGERINE– contains esters and aldehydes that are calming to the nervous system.

ORANGE – Orange trees are some of the most versatile and resilient of the citrus trees. They can endure below-freezing temperatures and can survive on natural rainfall, requiring little watering. Orange trees can even survive short periods of droughts.They grow in warm and sunny climates, so they bring both fortitude and sunshine in their aroma.

YLANG YLANG– these tropical flowers were traditionally used in hair formulas to promote thick, shiny, lustrous hair.

PATCHOULI- The flowers of the patchouli plant have a very distinct and strong scent that has been used for centuries in perfumes. The aroma has a very sedating, calming and grounding effect


Many people don’t know, but Peace & Calming is a great oil to incorporate into your beauty routine. It can improve the appearance of skin when applied topically, so add it to your moisturizer or favorite lotion! (Since it has citrus oils in it which are photosensitive, make sure you are using it at a time when you will not be going into direct sunlight after application.)

  • Diffuse daytime or night before bed for a peaceful environment
  • Apply under nose, on back of neck or on the back
  • Add a few drops to your bathwater
  • Apply to navel, or back of the neck to promote deep sleep
  • Wear as a perfume of cologne
  • Diffuse or apply topically to children to promote calmness and encourage focus

🌺 COMPANION OILS  for relaxation 🌺

  • Lavender (for relaxation and sleep)
  • Chamomile
  • Cedarwood (sleep)
  • Tranquil
  • RutaVaLa
  • Stress Away



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Reflect What You See


Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see.
Did’ja catch that?

The things we focus on are the things we allow into our life. Will I allow the sidewalk bubblegum stuck to my shoe to frustrate me, or will I be captivated by this scene as I stooped down to clean it off?
Every one of us faces these tiny moments of decision a thousand times a day. Ten years ago I would have been angrily plucking the sticky mess out of my sneakers. It would have soured the moment, caused irritation and stress, not to mention I would have missed the beauty right in front of me.
Let me tell you, the gum could wait. As a photographer, I didn’t want to miss this moment. The light, the colors, the cheerful buildings with no people and no cars… the mess would still be there when I was through. In this moment, I chose to fill my cup with creativity rather than consternation.
I speak these words to you because I need to hear them myself- over and over and over again. If we focus on the negative, the irritations, the frustrations- our lives become a reflection of those things. Eventually we would *only* see the bubblegum and never see the beauty. And nobody wants to be around that!!!
One of the reasons I love photography is because it teaches you to focus. It doesn’t matter what’s behind, beside, or even before you, if you just zero in on the subject and adjust your settings, you can capture the most beautiful images in the most unlikely places. It’s all a matter of perspective. Some of my best travel pictures were taken in trash alleys. True story
If our lives truly are a reflection of what we see, then let’s be the flowers on a brightly painted windowsill! The world has enough people reflecting its littered streets

Amazing oils to support healthy, joyful emotions: Joy, Gratitude, Harmony, Neroli, Bergamot, Gathering, Peace & Calming, Stress Away

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