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Part of the Feelings Kit, Release oil is a powerful blend specially formulated for the release of memory trauma from the cells of the liver, where anger and hate are stored. This blend has a high emotional frequency of 102MHz. Documented uses of Release oil include: Abuse, anger, argumentative, burdens, emotional cleansing, courage, deodorant, deprogramming, grief, hate, overcome and release difficult issues, peace, resentment, soothing, sorrow, transitions, trauma and weight loss (emotional).*


The frequency of the oils in Release may aid in the letting go of negative emotions so one can process in a more effective and efficient way. It helps us to release frustration. When we are able to release emotions that are tied in with memories that no longer serve us we can move forward in our lives. Also, we become healthier and stronger physically and emotionally.

What ever is holding you back, Release essential oil can help you release it!


  • YLANG YLANG – helps to balance male and female energies, helps one focus their thoughts and brings one back to the feeling of self-love, confidence, joy and peace.  Calming and relaxing, it is said to help reduce anger, rage and low self esteem
  • LAVANDIN– also known as lavandula intermedia, lavandin is a hybrid plant developed by crossing true lavender with spike lavender, but it can be used much in the same way as true lavender (except not for burns) It has a more penetrating and sharper scent than true lavender and delivers the same calming effects
  • GERANIUM – helps with hormonal balance, liver and kidney functions, aids the discharge of toxins from the liver that keep us from having balance. Geranium is uplifting, creating feelings of peace, well-being and hope
  • BLUE TANSY– may help to cleanse the liver thereby releasing anger and negative emotions
  • Olive Oil– carrier oil


  • Deep inhale from the palm of the hands or the bottle
  • Apply over the liver
  • Apply as a compress
  • Put on ears, bottoms of the feet, especially on VitaFlex points of the feet
  • Wear as a perfume or cologne
  • Diffuse/ Inhale when you get a frustrating email
  • Diffuse/ Inhale at work to help you let go of frustrations with coworkers
  • Apply over the heart on on your pulse points if you wake up in a low frequency (on the wrong side of the bed- feeling irritable)
  • Rub a drop between your hands and cup over your nose, breathe deep and take a ten minute pause to let go of negative emotions
  • Apply to the chest or wrist, deep inhale and go for a long walk to release the day’s negativity or frustrations





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Now Is Our Time


There are so many people out there seemingly living such beautiful lives… traveling to exotic places, climbing El Capitan, performing on stage, succeeding wildly at a business venture… doing things that causes the world to take notice and give applause. Good for them!
And then there’s the rest of us. With dishes in the sink, laundry to fold, too many things on the calendar, none of which are more exciting than a dentist appointment… is it just me?
Life is made up of all the little moments in between the laundry folding and the trips to the dentist. It’s the conversations in the car and tucking my kids in to a freshly made bed. It’s taking the dog for a walk, pouring a cup of coffee, sitting down to a meal together… and of course, doing the dishes.

There are imperfections, hardships, struggles. Something breaks, money is tight, someone’s health is failing. Marriages unravel, children disobey, jobs come to an end… this is life. And it’s not always pretty
But in between the big moments of chaos are always little moments of peace- something to laugh about, something beautiful to see, a pause, a stillness. And THOSE are the moments that define the times, if we can see them. .🤔
For me, the past three years have been full of the “asphalt and concrete of life”- both literally and figuratively- it hasn’t been very pretty. But always there were cracks in the sidewalk where something small and beautiful has grown.
If you are going through a less than beautiful patch of life right now, if you feel like there’s nothing but asphalt as far as you can see, remember, It only takes a decade for a forest to reclaim a city.
So grab your Acceptance, Gathering or Gratitude oil, and let the uplifting aroma wash over you. Breathe deeply and feel your frustration melt away.  There may have been beautiful times behind you, and there will certainly be more beautiful times ahead, but where you are Right Now-

THIS time is yours.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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Bottled Up Inside


Ever have waves of emotions as deep as the sea? Do you bottle things up or do you express your feelings and move on? I tend to be more of a bottler. I stuff and stuff until the bottle’s full and then I burst. .
So this year is about learning the art of emotional RELEASE. Letting GO. Staying on top of the waves and not getting dragged under. I’m so blessed to have these aromatic oils to help me navigate my limbic system. .
There’s SCIENCE behind this stuff, guys, I’m not just making it up. Did you know that when we inhale aromatic oil molecules, the very first part of our brain that illuminates is our EMOTIONAL center??? It’s true!
Scientists are continually making new discoveries about the chemistry of emotions. Did you catch that? Our emotions are CHEMICALS that cause a physical reaction in our body! Essential oils work in our brain to create “happy” chemicals that produce positive physical reactions
So what are you waiting for? Years of therapy, counseling, meditation, and other self-help methods have not achieved nearly the breakthroughs that have been seen in aromatherapy. PTSD, addictions, abuse survivors… aromatherapy is fast becoming the darling of the counseling professions. Why? BECAUSE IT WORKS
But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself!


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