Higher Unity

Higher Unity

Higher Unity- Young Living


This soothing, nurturing blend was created to inspire unity and to bring our members together in purpose and thought. Higher Unity promotes an environment of spiritual harmony and awareness. All oils are sourced and farmed following sustainable methods that align with our strict Seed to Seal® commitment to quality.


Sacred Sandalwood™ – emotionally uplifting, calming and sedative, this oil is used in meditation as well as to nurture the skin

Sacred Frankincense™– prized since the beginning of time, this oils was brought to the Christ child at the first Christmas. Known for it’s incredible healing and spiritually uplifting qualities, it is also the ancient oil of beauty

-Lime – cold pressed from the peel of fresh limes, this oil is light, bright, lively and refreshing. Emotionally stimulating, it helps overcome exhaustion, depression and listlessness

Northern Lights Black Spruce – high frequency oil that is both spiritually uplifting and grounding. Used to invigorate the mind, soothe bones and joints and for skin clarity. This oil is an overall benefit to the body

Spearmint – helps to open and release emotional blocks and bring a feeling of balance- mood elevations and stimulating

Lemon – uplifting, invigorating, clarifying and purifying. Lemon is great for the skin, the mind and the emotions

-Jasmine – uplifting to the emotions, fragrant- helps increase intuitive powers and wisdom, while also inspiring relationships. Jasmine is also an oil used in perfumes and for skin beautification

Rose – THE ultimate skin oil. Rose was prized for its fragrance and effect in preserving youth. It is stimulating to the mind, and creates a sense of well-being. It’s intoxicating fragrance has an aphrodisiac-like quality


The Higher Unity essential oil blend has an uplifting, inviting aroma that helps inspire personal focus, spiritual balance, and unity with oneself and others. This delicate balance of sweet florals, uplifting citrus, and soothing woodsy aromas features Sacred Sandalwood, Sacred Frankincense, and Rose oils. It is the ideal partner to your spiritual practice or meditation, or to add a little peace to your daily life.

Higher Unity has a floral, sweet, and uplifting citrus aroma. It promotes the appearance of healthy, glowing skin while also help reducing the appearance of blemishes. Emotionally, this blend encourages a feeling of empowerment, unity, and compassion and promotes an environment of spiritual harmony and awareness

Constituents to research: geraniol, santalol, limonene, alpha-pinene


  • Diffuse to calm, balance, and create an atmosphere of confidence and openness.
  • Use as an addition to our Feelings™ collection to create awareness of unity with yourself and others.
  • Add to V-6™ or coconut oil, and apply for nurturing foot massage.
  • Use daily for an inspiring scent.
  • Apply as perfume
  • Add a few drops to your face moisturizer
  • Deep inhale from the bottle or the palm of your hand for emotional support


THIS BLEND IS ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH ESSENTIAL REWARDS at the 400 PV LEVEL and is not available for regular retail/wholesale purchase



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Impulse to Soar


I love this picture of the hubs, circa 2008. We were invited to sit by the runway and watch him practice carrier landings. It was awesome!!!


But one thing I didn’t grasp until now was this idea- aviation is in his veins. Once he had circled the clouds like a bird, spanned the mountains & oceans from above, and lived beyond his wildest dreams, how could he ever walk the earth without soaring overhead in his mind?
As an earthbound misfit myself, I truly did not grasp why his eyes were always on the sky. Now I understand. It’s not just his eyes, it is his heart. Once you’ve experienced life from a different viewpoint, it’s impossible to not see things from a new perspective.
As a military family, we have lived a wildly adventurous life. We’ve been blessed to enjoy just a touch of the of this marvelous world- its beauty, its cultures, its people. How can we now be content with sitting still? How can we confine our lives to the parameters of mediocrity and feel fulfilled? Once you have learned to fly, how can you be content to creep?
Friends, we were made for more than just existing. We were put on this earth to connect with God- through His creation, through His people, and through our own increase. How can we expand our understanding by staying in one place, if we do the same things, if we live our life by the same repeated patterns?

The truth is, we can not be everything we were made to be by staying comfortable. Flying isn’t always comfortable. The jet breaks. There are emergencies. The fight is hard and the struggles are real. But that doesn’t mean you stay grounded.

Some circles preach contentment, but I’ve found that discomfort breeds creativity. Only those who are sufficiently dissatisfied with their current situation will seek to change it. Perhaps it’s a toxic relationship, or a job, or a habit you need to break. Perhaps its a positive change you need to embrace to be a better you. Everyone is going somewhere, this is a law of the universe. You are either moving forward or sliding backward- but nobody stays in one place. So what are you waiting for? Perhaps it’s time to spread your wings and fly! #perspectivechangeseverything


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