Be not weary

If ever there was a verse written


it’s this one!

Of course, the school system as we know it has only been around for about two hundred years. That’s practically brand new when your measuring stick is the dawn of time. So  pretty much ALL mothers were homeschoolers by default- children learned how to navigate their home, their culture, their economy, and their world through the gentle and admonishing hand of their mother. Everything from practical home economics to financial planning was taught in the home. Family was not just the heart of relationship, but the seat of an exhaustive, lifelong education. Farming, husbandry, construction, medicine, social studies, politics, foreign affairs, entrepreneurship,  business development… all these subjects centered around the communal hearth.


In a way, ancient children had far more practical wisdom to gain than the mountains of useless trivia that modern children are required to memorize Don’t get me wrong, while I find fascination with the mitochondria, great civilizations have prospered for thousands of years without any knowledge of its existence.

Consider the enormous task of history’s original homeschoolers. Can YOU teach your child to birth a calf or forage for edible plants? Can they construct a house,  shear a sheep, weave their own clothes, barter for goods, and amass a fortune selling wheat? What if their life depended on it?

homeschoolroomOn the other hand, I can’t imagine what the ancients would think if they saw our world of bookshelves, xerox copies, laminated maps and microscopes. I think homeschoolers from every generation would take their hats off to each other.

Educating a tiny human how to successfully navigate life is a daunting task. Period.

SO naturally, this verse was written for ALL mamas, whether they teach fractions or not!


Be not weary in well- doing, mamas. Remember, our primary job is to train their character, to set their moral compass and give the light unto their path. To fill them with love and truth so that they can shine God’s light into this dark world. It’s not about getting a perfect score on the SATs, getting them into prestigious colleges, or turning them into nuclear physicists. They may never win the Nobel prize. They may never win ANY prize on this side of heaven. But there is a crown of life waiting for them, a crown of glory which they will cast at the feet of the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords.

This, my friends, is walking in faith- the hope of things unseen. It’s the promise that if you don’t give up, if you keep placing one weary foot in front of the other, He will strengthen you to finish the job you have begun. You won’t die teaching math (though you may very well want to…) And if they never master the art of simplifying complex fractions, they will still succeed in life… that’s a guarantee!

So when academic expectations overwhelm, when that voice of comparison whispers in your ear, when doubts, insecurities and frustrations bubble to the surface… when you find yourself wanting to strangle your struggling learner- just PAUSE.

Put the books away.

Go for a walk.

Plant a garden.

Take a field trip.

Snuggle the dog together.

That sentence can be diagrammed tomorrow. The spelling words can wait. It is impossible for your child to NOT learn in the environment you are providing him. But it IS possible, in the race to educate, to crush their spirits. And preserving their SPIRIT is precisely why we homeschool in the first place!

Hear my heart mama, yours is a high calling. Do not be weary in well-doing, for in good time you WILL reap a harvest beyond your wildest expectations. That is the Promise Life!


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