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Sooooo… a bit about me. Hmmm…


Well, the first thing you should know is that from a very young age, I’ve always had I have impeccable style. I mean, just LOOK at those pants! #rockin

I submit to you further evidence of my earliest fashionista days- the plaid jumper, the knee socks and oh yes… the briefcase.


But I wasn’t just cool because of my mom’s choice of school accessories, I also rode the short bus, and every day I sat next to a little girl named Chaka. And she would sing, over and over again 🎶 “Chaka Kahn, Chaka Kahn, oooooooh Chaka Kahn” and I thought she really was the Chaka Kahn, and as far as I’m concerned… SHE WAS. ❤️

As a child, the only major trip I ever took was from ✈️ Virginia to Seattle, Washington, where the only vacation picture is this gem 👇 of my sister and me sitting in an outhouse.  I believe this is where my love of photography was born.  Not because I loved outhouses, but because I wish we had any other picture besides the outhouse. And I am determined not to do this to my own children.

IMG_2178 (1).jpg

As a child, I was blessed to grow up riding horses. And I wore leggings before leggins were cool. (I also rocked the hard hat because, you know #safetyfirst) I always imagined that someday I would give my boys the same amazing life I had (minus the leggings, of course)- climbing trees, playing in haylofts, riding horses and living in the country.


But instead of horses, I married a city slicker from L.A. who happened to be bonkers about airplanes. He also happened to be a United States Marine, so a leisurely country life was not exactly an option…

Ernie boys flightsuits
This is hubs and the boys years ago- as you can see, they’ve inherited their fashion sense from BOTH parents.

Twelve moves in fifteen years makes anyone an expert at… well, moving. You know, packing, unpacking, and packing again.  And we are not done yet (stay tuned…)


📦 So in the midst of all those boxes and life upheavals, I homeschooled my two boys. We started with ABCs and 1,2,3s… and it kinda just went from there.  Then one day I woke up and they were teenagers (high school!) but I wouldn’t trade my time with them for anything-  I’ve been blessed by every. precious. minute. of it (**notice I said I was blessed by the precious minutes… there were plenty of hard minutes, too!)

The most amazing time of our lives was the four and a half years we spent in Japan. I have never been so enamored with a people, their culture or the landscape- you can check out some travel pics on Promise Photography or my Facebook Photography page. This was when I discovered my inner travel bug. We toured every nook and cranny of Japan and it still wasn’t enough to satisfy the wanderlust. But mostly it was a complete breathtaking love for the Japanese people that made it so hard to leave. Mama-Sans who were like my own grandmother, women who shared their lives and culture with me…


I can honestly say I left a huge part of my heart in Japan ❤️And many days it still hurts 


💧 Along the way, I discovered Young Living Essential Oils, which fueled a passion almost as bright as my love for travel and photography. The power of God’s creation for our healing never ceases to amaze me! I have been set FREE from all kinds of physical ailments thanks to those precious little bottles- and I am positively driven to study their effects, learn the science behind how they work, and share everything I know with anyone who will listen! You can find my educational videos on YouTube (and my Facebook group)

🙏🏼 My sincere prayer is that if someone resonates what they hear, that they will join my team :) I love nothing more than coming alongside a new oiler and helping them learn and grow!

The best news is that this journey is far from over! We’ve decided as a family to enjoy one last hoorah before the boys graduate from high school- we are taking Promise Life on the Road!!! This summer, 2019, RV Entropy will officially launch- so stay tuned for our adventures (and misadventures) as we travel the USA, sharing oils wherever we go!


One last thing before we part. You may be wondering, “What’s all this PROMISE, stuff, anyway?” Promise Life, Promise Photography, Promise Team…  Well, I’m glad you asked!

Long ago, when I was searching for a business (you know, a little something to do outside of correcting math lessons,) I was feeling hopelessly discouraged. As a dependent military wife and a stay-at-home-mom, I felt the distinct divide between the career-minded woman I used to be and the blank piece of paper that now served as my resume.  I knew that in the eyes of the world, my decision to stay home with my children was basically a dead-end in terms of career. But the Lord gently and lovingly reminded me that all things would work out in His good time. Jeremiah 29:11 reads “For I know the plans that I have from you, plans to prosper and not to harm you. Plans to give you a home and a future.” So I decided to cling to that promise, so much so that it has become an integral part of who I am. Homeschool, Photography, Travel, Teaching, Essential Oils… all of these things are wrapped up into His promise to me (to everyone who trusts in Him.) And THAT, my friends truly is the Promise Life!!! 💜

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