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Kunzea bushes are found across Australia, and have been used for centuries by indigenous cultures for all kinds of medicinal purposes. It was only recently rediscovered because farmers and ranchers notices that wherever their barbed wire fences ran through a Kunzea bush, the wire did not rust. This is because kunzea has a high level of antioxidants! The Kunzea bush was also referred to as the Tick bush, because cowboys or campers sleeping under a Kunzea tree would not get ticks as ticks have an aversion to the properties in this plant.

The beautiful coasts of Australia and Tasmania boast a playful white and pink flower known as kunzea. Produced from the steam distillation of the leaves and green branchlets, Kunzea essential oil offers a spicy, woodsy aroma to uplift any environment. With properties that help soothe fatigued muscles and work to reduce the appearance of blemishes, Kunzea will be a new household staple. Use alongside Purification® to help purify the air or instead of Tea Tree for a more pleasant aroma and milder sensation when applied topically.


Kunzea offers a clean, spicy and woodsy aroma. It’s properties are similar to tea tree, but with an entirely different smell. It helps to soothe the appearance of blemishes but also works well to soothe fatigued muscles. Kunzea is a wonderful option to purify the air from unwanted odors


  • Diffuse throughout your home for a relaxing, woodsy aroma and help create an uplifting environment.
  • Add to V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex and use as a massage after workout to help soothe fatigued muscles.
  • Add to your daily face regimen and apply topically to skin to help reduce appearance of blemishes.
  • Apply topically to chest for a refreshing respiratory experience.
  • Use as a natural insect deterrent
  • Start an evening of studying accompanied by this spicy, woodsy scent


Amazingly, Kunzea shares many of the same constituents as:

eucalyptus, peppermint, sacred frankincense, oregano, pine and Hyssop





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