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Native American Dream Catchers were used to help keep bad dreams away. This oils work sin the same way to help the subconscious process through thoughts and ideas that need healing or closure. This can be in the form of replacing negative beliefs or holding tightly to the dreams and ideas that energize you.


This oil has a high physical/emotional frequency of 98MHz. It helps to open the mind, and help one visualize their dreams. Often the hardest part of ideas is grasping hold of them and focusing on them with clarity. Shifting our energy away from negative throughs, ideas or fears towards positive, energizing goals and visions will help shift our outlook and help us accomplish our goals. often times, poor sleep comes from this restless turmoil inside our minds.


SANDALWOOD– like Frankincense- high in sesquiterpenes which were discovered to increase the amount of oxygen to the pineal and pituitary glands, helping to improve ones attitude and alleviate depression. Aids in higher-minded thinking

TANGERINE– contains esters and aldehydes which are sedating and calming to the nervous system

YLANG YLANG– helps to balance male-flame energies so one can more towards being closer to spiritual attunement, better able to focus their thoughts. This promotes a feeling of confidence, which brings back to a person the feeling os self love, joy and peace.

BLACK PEPPER– stimulates oxygenation at the cellular level, this oil helps increase energy

BERGAMOT– very soothing to the hormone (endocrine system) it uplifts and calms the emotions while helping to alleviate anxiety, stress and tension

JUNIPER– evokes feelings of health, love and peace

ANISE– calming and strengthening, particularly to the digestive system- also aids in oxygenating the blood

BLUE TANSY– promotes an uplifted emotional sensation, a positive attitude and helps encourage an overall sense of well-being


Diffuse at bedtime to encourage positive dreams and deprogram the negative

Blend with Cedarwood or Lavender for an enhanced sedative effect

Put a drop on your pillow before bed to enhance deep sleep and encourage dreaming

put a drop on your third eye- between your eyes before bed

Add a couple drops to the bath before bed

Deep inhale from the bottle

Apply a drop to the base of the neck or wrists


  • Sesquiterpenes
  • Esters
  • Aldehydes




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