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Laurus Nobilis is known as Bay, Sweet Bay or Dalmatia Bay Laurel- its leaves are steam distilled from France or Croatia. The story goes that ancient Greek and Roman Generals would wear crown of laurel leaves when victorious in battle. Both the Greeks and the Romans believed that the laurel tree had great powers of divination and prophecy and that all one had to do to avoid thunder, to lightning or evil spirits was to sun under a laurel tree. Today, Laurel is primarily produced in the country formerly known as Yugoslavia. A fatty oil produced from the berries is used mainly for making soap.In ancient Greece and Rome, crowns were made out of Bay Leaves to honor scholars, warriors, and sportsmen. This tradition is where the name “Poet Laureate” comes from. Baccalaureate, or bachelor’s degree, also comes from this.


Historically, Bay Laurel leaves and the black berries were used medicinally- especially for digestive aid and appetite. During the Middle ages, Laurel was used for respiratory support, fevers, headaches, liver and spleen support. And Laurel has been used fro centuries as a fragrance component in cosmetics and perfumes.  Today we know that Laurel is excellent for supporting the respiratory system, digestive system, as a general tonic to boost immunity, as well as a host of other immune response issues. A spicy, aromatic flavoring, bay leaves are commonly used as a flavoring for soups, stews etc

🌱  IDEAS FOR USE – INTERNAL (Vitality™ only) 🌱 

  • use in cooking- substitute one drop oil for one bay leaf
  • place 1-2 drops with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, grapeseed or almond oil in a vegetarian gelcap and take for internal support
  • Infuse balsamic vinegar with 1 drop per oz
  • Make a tonic tea-add 1-3 drops to 6 oz hot water and sweeten to taste
  • Add 1-2 drops to your water for a flavor boost
  • add 2-4 drops to a smoothie
  • Use 1-5 drops per 4 oz of salad dressing
  • Flavor spray- 1 tbsp olive oil + 10 drops essential oil + app 2oz water- spray over veggies, salads, meats or pastas at the end of cooking
  • Flavor butter or coconut oil- 1 drop per 1tsp- to make a delicious spread

🌱 TOPICAL/ AROMATIC (non-Vitality™) 🌱 

  • DIY facial spray- 1 tsp glycerin (or aloe vera juice) + 4oz quality water (not from the tap) + 2 drops each: lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis). Great for normal to blemished skin
  • Bay Laurel is a circulatory oil that assists in lymph movement. Massaging lymph areas (such as knees and armpits) with oils while in the shower
  • stimulate  and revitalize thinning hair with a blend of lairs nobles, lavender, rosemary, peppermint, geranium… make a head spray  with 20 drops + water, or add a few drops to shampoo
  • Apply to abdomen with carrier oil to support healthy, solid bowel movements as needed


  • 1,8 Cineol
  • linalol
  • alpha-terpinol
  • alpha pinene
  • beta-pinene
  • geraniol
  • eugenol
  • beta-caryophyllene
  • sabinene
  • limonene



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