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The single oils in this blend were combined to help people overcome fear and procrastination and take action in their lives.


**ROMAN CHAMOMILE  historically the ancient Romans used this oil to empower them before going into battle and give them a clear mind. Soothing and calming, it helps remove fears. A calming and soothing oil, Roman Chamomile helps to minimize nervous tension and anxiety while creating an atmosphere of peace and patience

**SPRUCE – steam distilled from the trees which grow under the Northern Lights, this oil contains a unique energy that help ground the body and create a sense of balance. Spruce is empowering, anchoring and encouraging

**YLANG YLANG– steam distilled from huge yellow flowers in the Amazon, Ylang Ylang is high in sesquiterpenes, which oxygenated the brain and the pineal gland. This oil may also help lower blood pressure, slow rapid breathing and bring equilibrium to the body, which reduces frustration. Ylang Ylang promotes feelings of self love, joy and peace, balances male-female energies to help one’s mind focus not he task at hand

**LAVENDER– traditionally used as a balancing oil, lavender is also an adaptogen that gos to work intuitively wherever there is a need. Lavander helps to quiet the “noise” in our minds, which not only aids us in sleep, but also aids us in focusing on the task at hand


Composed of oils that are known for calming yet empowering properties, this blend works on the nervous system to help users obtain emotional balance through the calming of the mind and empowering of the spirit.


  • Diffuse to stimulate the mind and emotions to push forward and take action on a task
  • Deep inhale from the bottle or a drop in the palm of the hands to overcome fear of achieving goals and dreams, and to motivate the body and mind into action
  • Wear on the chest (over the heart) or on the nape of the neck
  • Place on the solar plexus, sternum, feet (especially the big toe), navel area, wrist, palm of hands
  • Wear as a perfume or cologne



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