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This powerful blend of  nine oils was created by D. Gary Young to support immunity as encourage feelings of strength and power.  It helps to raise the frequency of the body’s immune system and helps the user “fight the good fight” against weakness


🚀 HYSSOP – Used my Moses in the Lord’s Passover in Egypt (Exodus 12) it has been used since ancient times to promote wellness, support the respiratory and immune systems

🚀 MOUNTAIN SAVORY– a powerful energizer and motivator, this oil helps stimulate the nervous system and has been used historically for digestive health

🚀 CISTUS-  one of the first aromatic substances used in ancient times, this oil encourages a healthy immune and auto-immune response. It also helps quiet the nerves and encourage sound sleep

🚀 RAVINTSARA– a universal oil like Lavender, this oil aids the immune system, respiratory system, encourages healthy breathing, healthy skin, is soothing and calming to the nerves and skin

🚀 FRANKINCENSE – a precious and prized oil since Bible times, Frankincense is used to treat practically everything.  Used primarily for healthy nervous system, skin, immune system and emotional balance

🚀 OREGANO – oregano has a wide variety of uses, from immune and respiratory support to soothing muscles and bones. It also strengthens one’s feelings of security

🚀 CLOVE – used since ancient times for innumerable remedies, clove boosts the immune system, soothes and comforts the physical body and creates a feeling of protection and courage

🚀 CUMIN– found in Egyptian tombs, cumin was prized for immune support, digestion, soothing, aiding the heart and the nervous system

🚀 IDAHO TANSY – historically used among the gypsys as a “cure all”, tansy helps support the immune system, aids digestion, soothes the nervous system and encourages an uplifting feeling, a positive attitude and a general (physical and emotional) sense of well being

🚀 IDEAS FOR USE (Topical/ Aromatic) 🚀 

  • wear or diffuse this blend every other day, alternating with Thieves, especially during cold and flu season
  • apply to the throat, chest, spine, feet (dilute for sensitivity)
  • apply three drops on the thymus in a clockwise motion, then tap the thymus with your energy fingers (pointer and middle fingers)
  • apply to jugular veins
  • apply to armpits
  • apply ImmuPower by Raindrop Technique along the spine

🚀COMPANION OILS & PRODUCTS (to support immunity)

  • Thieves Essential Oil
  • Thieves Vitality
  • Exodus II
  • Melissa Oil
  • Oregano Oil
  • Inner Defense Supplement
  • ImmuPro Supplement
  • ComforTone Supplement
  • EssentialZyme
  • Super C Supplement



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