Forward Motion


I’m one of those people who can’t sit and do “nothing.”

🙄Don’t take me to a beach and expect me to lay in the sun and relax. 🏖 I’ll be up and down a thousand times. I’ll be walking it’s length, picking up seashells, reorganizing the space under the umbrella… (true story)

🏰 Don’t take me to Europe and expect me to sit for hours in a cafe, when there are countless streets to walk, corners to turn, people to meet, pictures to take.

📲If you see me sitting on my phone, I’m not playing Candy Crush (is that still a thing?) I’m editing photos, movies, stories… making notes for future classes, planning, learning, DOING!

📚 I travel with books because I hate watching movies on the plane. There is always something more to read and learn!

💺And you don’t want to sit in the seat next to me because I’ll be wiggling and squirming like a four year old if my brain isn’t entertained!

👯‍♀️ That being said, I do waste plenty of time in my own way. I’m super social- I love my amazing friends and I love pouring time into relationship. I can chat over the fence for hours. Keep up a text thread like you wouldn’t believe. Lunch date? I’m IN! Let’s socialize!
As a blue and yellow personality, I find myself spinning in circles quite often. As a creative, my mind is always engaged in the next project (even if this one’s not finished!) As a mom, homeschooler, business owner, wife & teacher, my thoughts are constantly occupied. Don’t be surprised if you have to say my name several times before I hear you- and if the name you use is “Mom” you may need to also jump around and wave your arms
I’m a firm believer that the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time, but there is a difference between being passive with your time and being actively engaged – It’s all about forward motion.

Are you growing that relationship?

Are you discussing new ideas?

Are you refining your gifts and talents?

Or are you sitting in one place?

👉 It doesn’t matter if you are career-minded or domestic, amateur or professional, high-energy or slow and methodical. Just. Keep. Moving. Forward.

There is infinitely more satisfaction in activity rather than passivity. So what are you waiting for?


Grab your En-R-Gee essential oil, your Motivation, or mix it up with Peppermint and Rosemary… these are very energizing, stimulating oils. Throw some in your diffuser! Apply it on the back of your neck, take a deep inhale from the bottle… and get moving!!!! You will be sooo glad you did!

💙  💙  💙  💙  💙

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