It’s Not Too Late


I’ve heard it said that, as parents, we only have 19 summers with our kids before they leave the nest. The days are long, but the years are short, and to me, 19 was a sobering number.
Our family is headed into summer 16 with our oldest, and looking back, I have no idea where the time went! All I know is, we intend to make the most of what’s left.

Teens need their parents more than ever in these volatile years. This is not the time to throw up your hands and give in to the tides of culture. We need to stop promoting the idea that it’s natural for every teen to shut themselves in their room with headphones on, hating their family. ⠀⠀
The teen years are a critical time for relationship. As parents, we must transition from training and disciplining to coaching. We must elevate them to an adult level, while gently steering them with wisdom and grace. It’s not an easy balance, but it is possible with focus and intention. ⠀⠀
Wherever you are in your parenthood journey, it is not too late! Turn off the noise- the TV shows, Netflix, YouTube, Instagram. Turn on some music and start having conversations. You will be amazed at what you learn about your kids! They are deep thinkers who need to know that you HEAR THEM. But remember, in order to truly hear, we have to LISTEN!!!
The time to start is NOW- cultivate that dialogue with your child. Listen more than you speak. Instruct them in righteousness when they are NOT in error, and when they make mistakes, don’t condemn. The goal is to win their hearts, not to rule over them.  :)
We only have 19 summers with the most precious gift God can give us. Let’s make every moment count!

Break out your Believe oil, or Gathering, and gently but deeply allow the aroma to penetrate your mind and your heart. You CAN have a healthy relationship with your teen. Choose to believe it. Gather in those negative emotions and hold every thought captive to Christ.  You’ve got this.

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