Now Is Our Time


There are so many people out there seemingly living such beautiful lives… traveling to exotic places, climbing El Capitan, performing on stage, succeeding wildly at a business venture… doing things that causes the world to take notice and give applause. Good for them!
And then there’s the rest of us. With dishes in the sink, laundry to fold, too many things on the calendar, none of which are more exciting than a dentist appointment… is it just me?
Life is made up of all the little moments in between the laundry folding and the trips to the dentist. It’s the conversations in the car and tucking my kids in to a freshly made bed. It’s taking the dog for a walk, pouring a cup of coffee, sitting down to a meal together… and of course, doing the dishes.

There are imperfections, hardships, struggles. Something breaks, money is tight, someone’s health is failing. Marriages unravel, children disobey, jobs come to an end… this is life. And it’s not always pretty
But in between the big moments of chaos are always little moments of peace- something to laugh about, something beautiful to see, a pause, a stillness. And THOSE are the moments that define the times, if we can see them. .🤔
For me, the past three years have been full of the “asphalt and concrete of life”- both literally and figuratively- it hasn’t been very pretty. But always there were cracks in the sidewalk where something small and beautiful has grown.
If you are going through a less than beautiful patch of life right now, if you feel like there’s nothing but asphalt as far as you can see, remember, It only takes a decade for a forest to reclaim a city.
So grab your Acceptance, Gathering or Gratitude oil, and let the uplifting aroma wash over you. Breathe deeply and feel your frustration melt away.  There may have been beautiful times behind you, and there will certainly be more beautiful times ahead, but where you are Right Now-

THIS time is yours.

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