Bottled Up Inside


Ever have waves of emotions as deep as the sea? Do you bottle things up or do you express your feelings and move on? I tend to be more of a bottler. I stuff and stuff until the bottle’s full and then I burst. .
So this year is about learning the art of emotional RELEASE. Letting GO. Staying on top of the waves and not getting dragged under. I’m so blessed to have these aromatic oils to help me navigate my limbic system. .
There’s SCIENCE behind this stuff, guys, I’m not just making it up. Did you know that when we inhale aromatic oil molecules, the very first part of our brain that illuminates is our EMOTIONAL center??? It’s true!
Scientists are continually making new discoveries about the chemistry of emotions. Did you catch that? Our emotions are CHEMICALS that cause a physical reaction in our body! Essential oils work in our brain to create “happy” chemicals that produce positive physical reactions
So what are you waiting for? Years of therapy, counseling, meditation, and other self-help methods have not achieved nearly the breakthroughs that have been seen in aromatherapy. PTSD, addictions, abuse survivors… aromatherapy is fast becoming the darling of the counseling professions. Why? BECAUSE IT WORKS
But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself!


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