Young Living’s Quality Standard: Seed to Seal®

You may have heard about Young Living’s Seed to Seal logo Seed to Seal® Process, or seen the logo on a Google search. Perhaps you’ve wondered what it actually means?

In short, Seed to Seal® stands for Young Living’s unmatched commitment to producing the highest quality, purest essential oils on planet Earth. From the seed they harvest in their plant nurseries to the seal on every essential oil bottle, Young Living ensures absolute purity, every step of the way.

SO what does that process look like?



Young Living takes great care to select seeds that have the greatest potential to produce high-quality essential oils. These seedlings are carefully and lovingly cultivated in-house to ensure they are never contaminated by conventional farming chemicals or genetically modified in any way



Each Young Living farm focuses on sustainably growing high quality plants without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Every aspect of their farms are carefully measured for purity, from the rich virgin soil, to the water used for irrigation.



Young Living always distills their own oils. Since every plant is unique, their distillation requires a high degree of attention, precision and measurements that no other distiller in the world can provide. Improper distillation practices can lead to an oil that is therapeutically inadequate or lacking in essential components.



To ensure therapeutic quality, Young Living not only operates a state-of-the-art laboratory, they run numerous tests on each batch of oil, multiple times throughout the distillation process. Then, to validate their own findings, they send samples to third party (unaffiliated) laboratories for additional testing. Any batch that does not meet the highest quality standards will not be bottled.



To ensure no possible chance of contamination from outside sources, Young Living bottles its own essential oils. They do not rely on third party bottling companies so that they can guarantee the quality and purity of with every single seal.


Purity is what determines the therapeutic activity of an essential oil. 

If an oil comes from a weak plant, modified or hybridized plant, it won’t contain the necessary  “ingredients” for therapeutic action.

If a plant has been conventionally farmed with the use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, those chemicals will be found in the essential oil after distillation.

If an oil has been hastily or improperly distilled, the oil won’t contain the necessary constituents to produce a healthy therapeutic effect.

If an oil has not been thoroughly tested for purity, there is no guarantee that what’s in the bottle is pure, unadulterated and 100% therapeutic quality oil.

Lastly, if an essential oil company allows a third party company to bottle their oils, they no longer have control over that oil. This is a critical step for ensuring that no adulterants, synthetics or other additives get added to the oil before bottling.

Through Young Living’s rigorous quality  assurance Process, they have established non-negotiable benchmarks for delivering a product that are multifaceted, exacting, and—above all—concrete. They offer an extensive line of authentic, essential oil-infused solutions that represent the best of nature—all purity, no compromises—through the standards of our groundbreaking Seed to Seal® program.

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