FAQ: Do Essential Oils Contain Pesticides?

Any plant that grown with the use of chemicals, such as herbicides, pesticides or even chemical fertilizers, will absorb those chemicals into itself. When the plant is harvested for distillation, those chemicals remain on and IN the plant. SO naturally, when the plant material is distilled (subjected to high heat and steam,) not only are the oil constituents extracted, but the applied chemicals are extracted as well.

The end result is an essential oil laden with herbicides, pesticides, or the chemical-du-jour.


Young Living has a Seed to Seal Guarantee, that reaches far beyond the scope of USDA Certified Organic. Because Young Living sets the world standard for essential oil purity, their quality guarantee starts with the seed itself and extends through the entire growth, farming, distillation and bottling process to ensure that NO additives, synthetics or other contaminants find their way into the essential oil.

Learn more about the Seed to Seal Process here

The bottom line? With Young Living, you will never find any herbicides, pesticides, or other farming chemicals in their essential oils, because they use 100% organic farming practices. Young Living farms are never treated with chemicals of any kind, other than essential oils, that is!

No other company can guarantee the purity of their oils the way Young Living can, because no other company controls the entire oil production process the way that Young Living does.

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