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💥 FUN FACTS 💥   

During the Middle Ages, a band of Thieves was arrested. They had been plundering the dead and dying bodies during the plague outbreak. When they were arrested, the King offered to let them keep their lives if they gave up the secret as to why they never contracted the plague, despite intimate contact with the disease. The recipe has been well researched and documented, and D. Gary Young was the first person to resurrect this ancient immunity blend in modern times. This blend is SO effective, that Young Living has designed an entire Thieves product line for personal care, oral hygiene and home care. Using Thieves household products is the smartest way to keep your home sparkling clean without any harmful toxins!


CLOVE–  originates in the Spice Islands, and the main constituent, Eugenol, has been heavily researched for its beneficial properties/ helps influence healing. Clove has an extremely high antioxidant count

LEMON– promotes health, supports all body systems, warming and invigorating

CINNAMON BARK -Cinnamon spice has been used for centuries to help support the immune system. Cinnamon enhances the activity of other oils, and stimulates purification and oxygenation

EUCALYPTUS RADIATA -originates in Australia, and there are over 900 different species-known to support respiratory system

ROSEMARY – thought to prevent forgetfulness and to quicken the mind by reducing mental fatigue. Helps improve circulation and stimulate the nerves


Supports healthy immune function

Contributes to overall wellness

Help support a healthy respiratory system

Soothing to the throat

Promotes and soothes healthy gums

Purifies the air

Stimulating and toning effect on the whole body

💥IDEAS FOR USE –  INTERNAL (with Vitality™ only) 💥

Put a drop under the tongue for spicy but soothing support

Add a drop to Ninxia Red each morning

Add a drop to a smoothie

Make Thieves Tea with Honey + Lemon oil + Thieves oil + water for immune support

💥 TOPICAL & AROMATIC (Non-Vitality™) 💥

Diffuse for immune support and stimulating aroma

Apply to feet bottoms & Vitaflex points

Dilute and apply over throat, chest, stomach or intestines for support

Rub under the arms to stimulate lymphatic support

Apply a drop over the site of a deep splinter to encourage the splinter to surface

Put a few drops in your dishwater or dishwasher to clean dishes and eliminate odor

Add a few drops to wool dryer balls

Add a few drops into the laundry for freshening or purifying


Boost Thieves with extra drops of Lemon

Companion Oils: Exodus II and ImmuPower

Companion Products for Immunity: ImmuPro, Inner Defense, Longevity

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