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Frankincense has been traded around the Middle East for over 5,000 years. Not only is it mentioned frequently in the Bible, it also appears in the Ebers Papyrus, an ancient Egyptian scroll from approximately 1500 BCE, that documents its prevalent use in ancient times. The most famous use of Frankincense is in the Bible at the story of Christ’s birth, when the three Magi gave the Christ three gifts- gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (Myrrh is also an essential oil)

To obtain Frankincense, the boswellia carterii tree is cut, and a thick, saplike resin  slowly oozes out of the tree. Once the resin dries, it is collected and steam distilled.  It is also a key ingredient in many Young Living products, including Boswellia Wrinkle Cream, Brain Power™, Awaken™, Highest Potential™, and Forgiveness™


  • Has a stimulating, focusing aroma commonly described as honey-like, yet woody fragrance. 
  • Enhances prayer and meditation
  • Promotes the appearance of healthy-looking skin
  • Helps alleviate nervous energy, promote the feeling of roundedness, and helps promote a more restful night sleep.
  • Has over 10,000 uses and supports every system in the body, particularly immunity and respiratory system

Constituents to research – sesquiterpenes

🎁 IDEAS FOR USE-  INTERNAL (with Vitality™ only) 🎁 

Place a drop under the tongue or into a glass of water

Add to a smoothie or take in a vegetable capsule internally for daily health support

Supports immunity and respiratory systems.

🎁 TOPICAL & AROMATIC (non Vitality™) 🎁 

Apply a drop to the back of neck to support brain health and focus.

Diffuse for a relaxing meditative experience, perfect during prayer time or yoga

Can be used for massage after activity- helps promote muscle recovery

Apply topically on location for joint and muscle support

Rub with carrier oil onto chest for more restful night sleep

Add a drop to face moisturizer to promotes the appearance of healthy-looking skin 

and reduce the appearance of uneven skin tones 

Add to other essential oil blends for an uplifting, aromatic boost 


  • 2 drops Frankincense + 2 drops Lavender + 2 drops Stress Away- inhale deeply and repeat positive affirmations OR roll it on to reduce stress & promote relaxation
  • 2 drops Frankincense + 2 drops Lemon for quiet, reflective atmosphere
  • 1 drop Frankincense + 1 drop Palo Santo for incredible joint and muscle support
  • apply on location
  • 2 Frankincense + 2 Peppermint + 2 Lemon for a morning wakeup!

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