Banish the Evil Eye

I keep telling myself, “Next time I will take a picture!” And of course, I don’t do it, because who really likes the “before” pictures, when all we want is to see the “after.”

nose capillaryBut I did search the web and found someone else’s “before” pictures that look very much like my own. Please note, THIS IS NOT MY NOSE! However, this is is an excellent example of what broken capillaries on the nose look like.

Do you see those red veins running all over the place? Yeah. I had that.

The lines just appeared one day. At first they were faint.  Then the little red spiderweb began to grow. And grow. And grow quickly. And unlike this lucky gentleman, (or lady?) I was not so fortunate as to have the red sprawl discretely placed on the side of my nose.

Oooooh noooo. sauronThis puppy was right on the top of my nose, smack between my eyes. To tell the truth, it really looked more like the evil (third) eye of  Sauron. All red and flaming and staring out from my face like a beacon. Yeah. It was that bad.

And everyone kept telling me, “Frankincense! Frankincense cures everything from age spots, to dark circles, to wounds that won’t heal…” so I applied Frankincense like it would earn me a place in heaven. Now don’t get me wrong, Frankincense has it’s place. And I absolutely LOVE it! But for whatever reason, it was not the solution to the evil eye.

Then one night, EO desk referenceI was reading my beloved Desktop Reference (Yes. I am a geek and I actually read this thing at night for fun!) about the behavior of Geranium. I had randomly purchased Geranium for no other reason than it’s my favorite flower in the garden. I LOVE the smell when I snap off their leaves. Come to find out, the essential oil is not the same as the garden flower… but I digress.

geranium flowerAnyhoo,  I was reading up on Geranium- how it supports healthy sirculation, encourages revitalization of skin tissue and generally promotes healthy skin. On a whim, I applied dab of it to the evil eye several times that day. When I woke up the next morning, the evil eye was gone. Well, nearly gone. It certainly looked far less evil… friendly, even! Five days later, the glaring red spiderweb had completely disappeared.

capillary brokenFor six long months that unsightly blemish had been mocking me in the mirror, trumpeting my true age. After 30 days of commercial treatment, it taunted me all the more. I could almost hear its maniacal laughter. “You think you can defeat me? NOTHING can defeat me! Bwahahaha!”  So I pulled out the big guns. Bang! Geranium. Bang! Bang! Five days later, NOW who’s laughing???

Again, THIS IS NOT MY BEFORE AND AFTER. But this is exactly what my nose looked like (only worse). Both before, and after. I was positively floored by this little flower’s power.

So now I am head over heels for Geranium. Be forewarned, it has a strong floral scent. And it’s also very powerful. If you apply it neat (undiluted) to your face, expect a significant tingling sensation. If you apply it around your nose, expect to feel a bit overwhelmed by the aroma. If you dilute it in a carrier oil, it is absolutely magical!

geranium oil choiceNeed circulatory support? I always have cold feet when I’m crawling into bed at night. Now I mix a drop of geranium with some coconut oil and rub it onto my feet before I sleep. Ahhhhh. No more wearing my husband’s socks to bed. Not to mention, geranium is well documented to be emotionally uplifting and helps decrease tension and stress. Another bedtime bonus!  :)

Last but definitely not least, I’ve learned that geranium is excellent for encouraging skin elasticity, so I’m currently using it for wrinkle treatment around my eyes. Again, I really need to take a “before picture…” of these crows feet on my face, because they are almost as lovely as the evil eye.

But, as much as I love the idea of capturing my imperfections on film (thus archiving them for time immemorial,) and publishing them for all the world to see, I’m a little busy today. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. If I still have any wrinkles left, that is!

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